We’re in this thing together. The actions individual members take can have a big impact on our system as a whole. That’s why all Epic Form Builder users must follow this Acceptable Use Policy in their use of Epic Form Builder and any other Epic Form Builder products or add ons. If you violate this policy, we may suspend or terminate your account. We may also suspend or terminate accounts according to our Terms of Use where we see behavior, content, or other factors that poses a threat to our system.

Prohibited Content

Please don’t use Epic Form Builder to ask for/collect anything offensive, to promote anything illegal, or to harass anyone. You may not:

Offer to sell illegal goods or services

Use forms you create to collect and use data for spam/scam purposes

Collect pornography/sexually explicit content

Prohibited Actions

We work hard to maintain the positive reputation of our system, but we count on our customers to pitch in too. You may not:

Put into your account any material that wasn’t created by you, provided for you to use, or that would violate anyone’s rights. That includes text, photos, graphics, and other content.

Use any misleading or incorrect names, input label texts, hint texts, form descriptions, etc. inside forms created by using our Service.

Share your credentials.

Decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any of the software on our Website, or in any way used or downloaded from the Website.

Use any of the software on our Website, or downloaded from the Website, to create a competing product.

Collect any of this information using our servers: Social Security numbers, Credit Card details, passwords, security credentials, or sensitive personal information.